This is a rather retrospective post, because my adventures in fibre took place a couple of months ago – but I figured I’d just blog about it now!

No, I haven’t made a friendship bracelet in over 20 years and don’t plan on resurrecting them, even though they’ve suddenly become trendy of late. And no, I haven’t done any macrame work or classic pearl knotting.

But speaking of knotting, I got some coloured natural hemp for fun, because I love how a knotted piece of jewellery feels – it’s got a fluidity and softness that wire-wrapping will never achieve. I think it’s great for long drapey necklaces and chain-based bracelets:

Above, from left to right: The Glade Bracelet and Necklace and the Parabola Bracelets in lapis lazuli and turquoise.

What else can be done with fibre? Well, I do like the fact that the almost infinite colour choices in which humble cotton embroidery thread comes presents a multitude of ways in which to customise any piece of jewellery, simply by wrapping over the metal components to drench them in a glorious new colour. Plus, it costs much less than wrapping them in metal, eh?

Above, from left to right: Colour block teardrop hoops in denim and mint or light coral, and coral wrapped hoops which I gave away on Facebook.

I think a few more things should be on the way; look out for new forms and colours 🙂