A couple of new necklaces for this week, inspired again by faraway places, sunny climes and slices of history.

These necklaces are a long 36″ and feature a wide variety of vintage/semiprecious beads and solid brass components, each one wire-wrapped and then connected by heavy antiqued brass rings. Sorry about the heftier price tag but it has to reflect the time that went into selecting the components, placing them in a workable pattern, and then wiring them all up individually. They are also limited edition, which means there are only 2 pieces each.

I love putting together bead mixes, and it’s even more fun when you get to choose from vintage beads. And speaking of vintage beads, forget the candy colours and jewel tones in plain old shapes. If you’ve noticed, I tend to pick out the more uncommon ones, especially those with etched designs and gilded accents. Just like bits of archaelogical treasure.

In other news, I’m dreaming up a new collection ~ of personal affinity and interest, might I add. Am gathering the materials now. Watch this space.