Hello. Holiday shopping going all right so far? 🙂

I’ve noticed there have been some late stragglers, so although it is already impossible to have our international orders arrive before Christmas by the usual registered mail means, I’ve extended the cut-off date for Singapore packages to the 19th, which is this Sunday. I know the holidays snuck up on me this year too. I kept thinking there was still loads of time but the other day I saw someone’s status update that there were only “10 days till Christmas” – 8 now, OMG – and that kind of kicked me back to reality. I guess I’ve not been feeling any festive spirit this year either. Dread going to any mall, dread even hopping on a train to go out. I’ve done some online and casual shopping for friends and the sister, but I prefer to get my parents stuff they need as opposed to extraneous or expensive things they’re not likely to use. Finally got mum something yesterday, but the hunt continues as my Dad is a secret Spartan.

Now that I’m done with sorting out custom Christmas orders (I’m so dying to post pics but I think I’ll wait till after the event in case any surprises are ruined), I’ve temporarily closed my online shop and embarked on a path of no return: a shop revamp with a completely different web platform and backend. I have grand dreams of an integrated experience but have nothing on paper to date (I like working straight off brain dumps, LOL) and wonder how long I can actually procrastinate on this. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, all (or most) available jewellery pieces have been moved to my ArtFire studio, while the Etsy shop continues to um, yeah… exist. And as always, updates will be posted on this blog, Facebook and/or Twitter (yes, I usually do try not to be too repetitive or spammy).