Musings from the studio: new handmade jewelry, product photography, shop announcements, sneak previews and the trials and tribulations of running your own business.

I’m back… kind of!

If you're reading this, you might have already noticed that the tellurus website has been refreshed. While it has been long overdue since I've been inactive for the past couple of years, push finally came to shove when I found my site hacked. Fortunately, there was no real damage done - except for utter disgust [...]

2016-11-18T15:45:37+08:0010 October 2016|Comments Off on I’m back… kind of!

Mala inspirations

Some of the additions in the last few months are those I have taken a liking to create – malas. It’s pretty much going back to basics for me – selecting a simple yet pleasing palette of wood or stone beads, stringing them up, and finishing them with a coordinating handmade tassel. [...]

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Holiday shopping time

It’s already mid-way into October – and I think about high time to start thinking about the holiday gifting season! For myself, at least. I love to buy indie-made gifts from outside of Singapore – it saves me from the mad crowds and ridiculous queues, and who doesn’t love receiving something unique? As always, shipping [...]

2016-11-18T15:45:37+08:0015 October 2013|Tags: , |Comments Off on Holiday shopping time

Adventures in fibre

This is a rather retrospective post, because my adventures in fibre took place a couple of months ago - but I figured I'd just blog about it now! No, I haven't made a friendship bracelet in over 20 years and don't plan on resurrecting them, even though they've suddenly become trendy of late. And no, [...]

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Holiday mood: Summer!

I’m in the mood for summer and we don’t even have seasons in perenially sunny Singapore. Well, what I mean is that the man and I have had a series of short trips lined up these few months, so I’ve been in and out since my last post. Sort of on a travel binge (a) [...]

2016-11-18T15:45:37+08:001 June 2013|Tags: , , |Comments Off on Holiday mood: Summer!
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