This second piece in the ANIMA | MUNDI collection is a delightful play of contrasts: check out the unusual rectangle shape, elongated but with banding going along the short side. And what banding it is – translucent shades from the deepest royal purple to lavender and palest white, arranged by mother nature a distinctive chevron pattern. Quite scrumptious.

Much has already been said about amethyst as it has been used and treasured since antiquity. I’ve seen a couple of variations on its legend, but I like this one best: one fine day, a lowly mortal angered Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest, wine and winemaking, who vowed death by tigers on the next human who crossed his path. But this unfortunate victim happened to be a beautiful young maiden named Amethyst, who happened to be on her way to worship the goddess Artemis. Artemis turned Amethyst into a pillar of clear crystal quartz to protect her from the violent attack. Dionysus was moved to tearful remorse and wept wine over the statue, staining it purple. But whichever it was, the Greek origin of the word

[“amethystos” means “not intoxicated”] probably played a historical part in its being considered an antidote to drunkenness and plastered all over wine goblets. Or maybe it was the other way round, who knows.

The birthstone for February, amethyst is found in alluvial deposits or geodes (the sight of a large open one glittering with purple crystals inside always has me in awe), with major sources in Brazil, Zambia, Uruguay and Madagascar. It comes in violet, purple, lilac, mauve and pink varieties and is the highest prized form of quartz (silicon dioxide), a large family that also includes citri
ne (yellow), ametrine (purple and yellow), rose quartz (pink), rock crystal (clear), smoky quartz (brown), tiger eye (chatoyant) and even aventurine (aventurescent).

Amethyst is purportedly an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Extremely beneficial to the mind, it can be calming or stimulating as appropriate. It helps one feel more focused and in control of their faculties, facilitating the decision-making process. Amethyst also aids in enhancing memory and improving motivation, and is helpful for insomnia, bringing about restful sleep and promoting dream retention and understanding.

Which finally brings me to the OOAK Dreamtime necklace, chevron amethyst on oxidised sterling silver, only in my Artfire studio 🙂