O, chrysoprase. You’re another one of those things whose colour a digital camera usually has problems reproducing.

The latest addition to the ANIMA | MUNDI line is the Ferngully necklace featuring a large asymmetrical Australian chrysoprase pendant and oxidised sterling silver components, which always work so well with the bright minty green. The paler feathery inclusions here add a bit of texture and organic appeal.

The most valuable of the chalcedony minerals (which include carnelian, bloodstone and the wide variety of jaspers and agates), this stone gets its characteristic colour from traces of nickel in its cryptocrystalline structure. It is also this extra fine crystal structure that gives good quality chrysoprase a smooth gel-like translucency.

Although Queensland, Australia is the major source of quality chrysoprase, it’s also found in Brazil, Germany, Poland, Tanzania and the USA. I should also point out that if you come across “lemon chrysoprase”, it’s a trade name for magnesite, a completely different mineral.

Depending on the exact shade of green, I think chrysoprase can feel either quite soothing (watery paler greens) or refreshing (vibrant apple greens). As a crystal, it’s said to be excellent for relaxation, induce meditative states, calm compulsive behaviour, promote hope, unleash inner talent and stimulate creativity.

So much work for a little green stone!