I’m in the mood for summer and we don’t even have seasons in perenially sunny Singapore.

Well, what I mean is that the man and I have had a series of short trips lined up these few months, so I’ve been in and out since my last post. Sort of on a travel binge (a) because we’ve not had any fun for the last 12 months and (b) we don’t know when we’ll find the time to travel again. Here are some overdue updates.

Some new and new-ish items I added to my Etsy shop:

Peacock patina hoop earrings with blue gem cascades
Lilac patina hoop earrings with pink gem cascades

A study in contrasts: rustic copper hoops with lilac and peacock patinas meet mini gemstone cascades in complementary hues of pink/lavender and blue/aqua. Such pleasing sparkle and movement!

Boheme Earrings
Chandra Earrings

Going back to brass with the Boheme Earrings in quirky fluted mint & gold with filigree findings, and the classic amethyst with hammered disk Chandra Earrings. Purple and gold is such a luxe combination to me, but the rustic texture and organic nuggets tone it down for everyday duty.

Then I must’ve gone totally dotty here, as you can see by the circles and dots featuring heavily: Modica Earrings with hammered hoops and fluted ivory beads, Arjuna Earrings with beautiful soft green aventurine, and the simple but chic hammered disk Bindi Earrings.

Modica, Arjuna and Bindi Earrings