It’s already mid-way into October – and I think about high time to start thinking about the holiday gifting season! For myself, at least. I love to buy indie-made gifts from outside of Singapore – it saves me from the mad crowds and ridiculous queues, and who doesn’t love receiving something unique?

As always, shipping during this season can be a pain – loads of people are also at the post office mailing off presents and cards, and customs offices around the world can get overwhelmed. It’s always safer to start shopping early. I’ve been on both ends of shipments arriving way after Dec 25th, and it’s just not fun.

I’ve been stocking up my Etsy shop, mostly it’s been simple stud earrings lately, because I think they make effortless, stylish and timeless gifts. Some are birthstones, some are everyday favourites, some are one-of-a kind – like these rough cabochons in pink ruby and neon apatite:

Rough ruby stud earrings
Raw apatite cabochon stud earrings
Raw apatite cabochon stud earrings

Polished and faceted gemstone studs also abound – here are some of the newest:

Pink amethyst stud earrings
Swiss blue topaz stud earrings
Smoky quartz stud earrings
Garnet stud earrings
Amazonite stud earrings
Aquamarine stud earrings
Carnelian stud earrings
Apatite stud earrings
Pink pearl stud earrings
White pearl stud earrings
Labradorite stud earrings
Swiss blue topaz stud earrings

Check out all stud earrings here, or pop over to the tellurus Etsy shop and see if anything else catches your fancy.

And yes, I will be sure to keep adding on new pieces weekly.