If you’re reading this, you might have already noticed that the tellurus website has been refreshed. While it has been long overdue since I’ve been inactive for the past couple of years, push finally came to shove when I found my site hacked. Fortunately, there was no real damage done – except for utter disgust on my part – and things were relatively easy to update and restore (yes, now I am thankful for my web development background!).

My workbench has also sadly been neglected during this time, and I aim to clean it up, reorganise things, and get back into crafting new goodies, since the Etsy shop has still been around and stock is running low. I do not think it will be in time for the festive season however, but if anyone wants something custom-made, please feel free to enquire.

Now, reasons for my absence…

  1. I took a yoga teacher training course in 2014, and most of that year as well as half of 2015 were focused on my personal yoga practice and some teaching.
  2. My dad started chemotherapy in Aug 2015 and I looked after him during weekdays for the rest of the year, which left me severely depleted in terms of energy and mood. He could not get cancer-free, so I don’t know what else might happen…
  3. The husband took ill earlier this year, which started with a mysterious long-term high fever, included a hospital stay, and concluded (well, not really) in a diagnosis by exclusion – that he has an autoinflammatory condition. It has taken several months to manage the symptoms and get back to almost-normal, and we don’t know when things will flare up again.

I have grand plans of a big “spring-cleaning” operation – after all, we’ve been living in this flat for 11 years now and although I stopped buying a lot, things have some accumulated and due to lack of use, it feels like they’re just taking up space. I’ve made it a point to do “something around the house” every day (except for days when I’m out all day or just pooped), which could be anything from vacuuming to throwing out old clothes to organising drawers. Man, this is a monumental job… but my philosophy is that all things can be done in a matter of time, and breaking things down into steps is the most effective approach.

See you on the other side! 🙂