Seeing that most of my customers are American, and given that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say a few things about what I’m thankful for:

  • Family (of course) – who are still ever so understanding about me not having a Real Job, whilst letting me sponge off their kindness, generosity and food. Without them I would probably have been able to generate some electricity by now from continuously running in the giant hamster wheel.
  • Repeat customers – you know who you are, you rawk and are totally appreciated. Without you, I think would have completely given up long ago. I’m sorry I haven’t been very productive lately.
  • My nerdy web & PM background which has proven quite useful in DIY design/e-biz/marketing situations.
  • Yoga for keeping me sane. I am so guilty of not practising often enough.
  • That I actually don’t have to rush out to buy, stuff, baste and roast a turkey or any other fish or fowl, vegetarian or otherwise. Yay.

Things I am not thankful for (you knew this was coming, right?):

  • That the USD continues to suck shit while I have an unprecedented amount festering in my Paypal balance that I could so spend on other things that would make me happy right this minute.
  • That Etsy continues to repeatedly promote their own pet favourites and add features we don’t need whilst conveniently ignoring the valid requests sellers have been making over the years.
  • Copycats. All kinds, not necessarily those who only replicate designs. Shame on you.