Hello! If you’re reading this, you’ll obviously have noticed that I’ve completely overhauled my website and have now also integrated my blog into it.

If you’d been following my blog previously, you might then notice that I haven’t imported or kept all of the old posts or comments. While it was my plan at first, the entire collection of articles with their outdated links and the way they were formatted proved to be too troublesome – and in many cases, no longer relevant – to keep.

So what I’ve done or am in the process of doing is to keep some old posts that might be of interest or relevance, and leave the rest of it belongs the past at the old Blogspot place: http://tellurus.blogspot.com.

This new site has been a long time coming. I got tired of my old one because I felt the shop charges were too high. Felt I could do more where content was concerned. Wanted to consolidate everything as much as possible. Started rebuilding this on a new platform, got sidetracked by some full-time work gigs and much-needed vacations. Was going fine and I had tested the online transactions and payment until the very last minute, I decided not to maintain my own online shop any more and had to re-skin and re-organise everything. The simple reason is that I’m already on two online marketplaces (Artfire and Etsy) and trying to spread out my limited inventory. I’ve always hated making multiple pieces of the same thing, and I think it’s super confusing for people if there are too many sites to look at.

So here I am.

That’s not to say this website won’t have a purpose. I would like to start blogging again – I merely stopped because of the abovementioned transition that went on for too long. In addition, this will be a portfolio and repository of information, i.e. there might possibly be some simple guides here in future.

Shall attempt to catch up on blogging about some of the pieces that’ve been released since last time. Stay tuned 🙂