Photography: Using reflectors

So you've got the fancy camera, maybe even purchased a macro lens to go with it, and are raring to take photos of jewellery. Living in Singapore, where the majority of the population resides in high-rise apartments with an appalling level of natural light (no thanks to small, boxy floor plans and tiny windows), I [...]

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Wrapture separates

Always a staple for the wardrobe, the clean and simple Wrapture solitaire pendants now come in new colours AND are going to be available for purchase separately. What this means: Still more choices! No need to get yet another chain if you already own one or four! Wear one or more pendants and/or charms together! [...]

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Photography: Behind the scenes

Aside from the usual pliers, cutters, files and stuff, there are a few humble non-jewellery-related objects that I actually use quite frequently. Pictured above are: 1. Tweezers, useful for... Not only are tweezers handy for fishing tiny beads out of containers deeper than 10mm, they're also indispensable for arranging chains when laid flat, and for [...]

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Pink-petalled Padme

After another rather unnecessary week of faffing around with slow uploads and intermittent outages, phase 2 of this new website is now complete. Some things worked and some didn't, so I've had to make the best of what I have at my disposal. The new addition is the Portfolio section, in which I've grouped works both [...]

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New beginnings

Hello! If you're reading this, you'll obviously have noticed that I've completely overhauled my website and have now also integrated my blog into it. If you'd been following my blog previously, you might then notice that I haven't imported or kept all of the old posts or comments. While it was my plan at first, [...]

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