Dreamtime, an amethyst necklace

This second piece in the ANIMA | MUNDI collection is a delightful play of contrasts: check out the unusual rectangle shape, elongated but with banding going along the short side. And what banding it is - translucent shades from the deepest royal purple to lavender and palest white, arranged by mother nature a distinctive chevron [...]

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Waverider, an amazonite necklace

And so I launched my ANIMA | MUNDI collection with the long Waverider necklace last week, without really having time to blog about the first piece here. Amazonite is really one of my favourite stones to use. It's a variety of microcline (or potassium aluminium silicate for you nerds like me), a feldspar mineral that [...]

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Sneak peek: anima | mundi

I've been so busy this week that I'm going to have to do a post and run here... This is the first batch of pieces for my new ANIMA | MUNDI collection, which is comprised of big, bold and beautiful statement necklaces that celebrate the Soul of the World, the abundance and grandeur of our [...]

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Jewel tones

Been out of stock for a while, but I finally made up some more because they make great gifts, either for your friends, family or good self. I love the unique Swarovski baroque briolette shape and just wish they came in more colours. I once had some in Comet Argent Light - those were magnificent. [...]

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The littlest pearls

So I was fiddling around with pearls the other day and wondered why I always seemed to make pearl earrings in white. Apart from the fact that I am fastidious about matching components for earrings, I guess I'd always assumed people preferred the classic colour. Easy to match. Goes with anything. Actually I do have a [...]

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