Bits of treasure

A couple of new necklaces for this week, inspired again by faraway places, sunny climes and slices of history. These necklaces are a long 36" and feature a wide variety of vintage/semiprecious beads and solid brass components, each one wire-wrapped and then connected by heavy antiqued brass rings. Sorry about the heftier price tag but [...]

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New luxe earrings preview

Epiphany: I think the gauge of which pieces I really like and feel inspired about vs which ones I'm kind of indifferent to is, quite simply, how easily I'm able to give them names (and I don't mean "girl names" like Eva or Francine). Sometimes a working name will be floating around before the piece [...]

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For your neck

I launched a few more Wrapture Necklaces this week, in addition to restocking existing ones. Simple, classic and affordable - they do make great gifts. Might have still more to come, but necklace fatigue has set in and I'm moving on to other stuff first...

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Merci beaucoup

Seeing that most of my customers are American, and given that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say a few things about what I'm thankful for: Family (of course) - who are still ever so understanding about me not having a Real Job, whilst letting me sponge off their kindness, generosity and food. Without [...]

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The Wrapture series

Oh how corny. But I couldn't help it. Anyway, here are some new solitaire necklaces that have been lying around which I finally managed to photograph today. There are a couple of other pendants, but I ran out of chain. And of course, I truly hate the photos because the sunlight was coming in the [...]

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