Photography: Behind the scenes

Aside from the usual pliers, cutters, files and stuff, there are a few humble non-jewellery-related objects that I actually use quite frequently. Pictured above are:

1. Tweezers, useful for…

Not only are tweezers handy for fishing tiny beads out of containers deeper than 10mm, they’re also indispensable for arranging chains when laid flat, and for fluffing up the bead dangles of a charm bracelet or clustery earrings. No thanks to gravity, these clusters have a knack of looking unattractively deflated when you lay them out flat. Of course, you can always display them hanging or worn, but I like to shoot photos of the same piece in multiple scenarios to give a better sense of what it’s like.

2. Pen, indispensable for…

This particular pen stopped being usable as a writing instrument years ago, but it’s indispensable to me because I use it to shape my handmade earwires. I’ve tried other tools but its barrel is just the right diameter to use as a makeshift mandrel. It even has grooves I can use when I need a bit more grip. I like a more compact earwire that rests closer to the earlobe so that it lets the rest of the earring take centrestage.

3. Blu-tack, quick fix for…

seamless backgroundWhile I no longer put up posters and such on my walls, I do sometimes use this in photography to hold paper up so that the surface to background appears seamless. Usually I can get away without, but this depends on how low my camera is going to be and how much of the background I can blur out. But since I shoot in a small space with varying backgrounds, this has been the best solution for me. Blu-tack is also useful for holding things like chain in place or when a piece cannot “stand” on its own. I’ve also used it as a last resort for getting cabochons out of bezels.

And now you know 🙂

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