After another rather unnecessary week of faffing around with slow uploads and intermittent outages, phase 2 of this new website is now complete. Some things worked and some didn’t, so I’ve had to make the best of what I have at my disposal. The new addition is the Portfolio section, in which I’ve grouped works both past and present into the main categories or collections. Let’s hope I remember to keep it updated.

Now that this is a load of my mind, I can go back to creating. I’ve been amassing more stuff, unfortunately. Here’s how it usually happens: I’ll see some awesome beads or supplies and start thinking about what I can make. Then I check out similar supplies. Then I check out all the supplier’s other items. Then I end up with a long shopping cart which sometimes makes it way to me, only to be ignored because I am busy browsing away on some other train of thought!

Anyway. I’ve decided to experiment with new materials. Maybe they’ll make their way into my shops, maybe they won’t.  But they will be things that I definitely want to wear myself. For now, I’m still obsessed with tiny little studs – the tinier the better. Found some really cute vintage bits and baubles that needed to be owned. Check out the Padme Earrings above.

Happy Father’s Day weekend everyone!