Yes, what I named it. No, this mini collection wasn’t really planned. But once I started, it just went on and instead of getting my new site ready, I ended up with all these earrings. Humph.

I rather like working with brass though – pure solid brass, not plated lightweight stuff. An alloy of copper and zinc, brass I usually choose would be bright gold (a.k.a. raw brass) or antiqued (usually treated to protect the patina) bronze. And it’s such a joy to team them with bright jewel colours. I do also love the look of verdigris, but I understand not many people would be quite so receptive towards wearing something that’s essentially rusty and crusty near their skin. Oh well, maybe in future.

Haven’t had the time to do up individual photos or listings yet, but above is a preview of what should be in store soon. If I don’t resurface again this week, happy 2011 to one and all – maybe some of you will be ringing in the new year with Tellurus goodies 😀 – and thank you so very much for your gracious support!