Holiday mood: Summer!

I’m in the mood for summer and we don’t even have seasons in perenially sunny Singapore. Well, what I mean is that the man and I have had a series of short trips lined up these few months, so I’ve been in and out since my last post. Sort of on a travel binge (a) [...]

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Sneak peek: Brassitude

Yes, what I named it. No, this mini collection wasn't really planned. But once I started, it just went on and instead of getting my new site ready, I ended up with all these earrings. Humph. I rather like working with brass though - pure solid brass, not plated lightweight stuff. An alloy of copper [...]

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Bits of treasure

A couple of new necklaces for this week, inspired again by faraway places, sunny climes and slices of history. These necklaces are a long 36" and feature a wide variety of vintage/semiprecious beads and solid brass components, each one wire-wrapped and then connected by heavy antiqued brass rings. Sorry about the heftier price tag but [...]

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