Calm before the storm

Hello. Holiday shopping going all right so far? :) I've noticed there have been some late stragglers, so although it is already impossible to have our international orders arrive before Christmas by the usual registered mail means, I've extended the cut-off date for Singapore packages to the 19th, which is this Sunday. I know the [...]

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Merci beaucoup

Seeing that most of my customers are American, and given that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say a few things about what I'm thankful for: Family (of course) - who are still ever so understanding about me not having a Real Job, whilst letting me sponge off their kindness, generosity and food. Without [...]

2009-11-25T21:32:00+08:0025 November 2009|Tags: , , |Comments Off on Merci beaucoup
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