Adventures in fibre

This is a rather retrospective post, because my adventures in fibre took place a couple of months ago - but I figured I'd just blog about it now! No, I haven't made a friendship bracelet in over 20 years and don't plan on resurrecting them, even though they've suddenly become trendy of late. And no, [...]

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Holiday mood: Summer!

I’m in the mood for summer and we don’t even have seasons in perenially sunny Singapore. Well, what I mean is that the man and I have had a series of short trips lined up these few months, so I’ve been in and out since my last post. Sort of on a travel binge (a) [...]

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Photography: Using reflectors

So you've got the fancy camera, maybe even purchased a macro lens to go with it, and are raring to take photos of jewellery. Living in Singapore, where the majority of the population resides in high-rise apartments with an appalling level of natural light (no thanks to small, boxy floor plans and tiny windows), I [...]

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Why hello, doily

A quick post-and-run here... I just had to share these paper-thin (OK, more like 0.05mm) lacy filigree teardrops with you - and what's more, all of them are matte! While I don't normally use base metal components, these were much too lovely to pass up. The satin-finish silver, gold and black are so modern but [...]

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Fiorissimo updates

... in pictures! Maybe these will put you in the mood for Valentine's Day - which is not really that far off. Remember the rose filigree rings from the Fiorissimo collection? I've just added two new colours, coral pink on antiqued silver and deep red on glossy black: In addition to the ivory cream on [...]

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