Holiday mood: Summer!

I’m in the mood for summer and we don’t even have seasons in perenially sunny Singapore. Well, what I mean is that the man and I have had a series of short trips lined up these few months, so I’ve been in and out since my last post. Sort of on a travel binge (a) [...]

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Marine Terrace, an ocean wave jasper necklace

This is one of my favourites of the lot. The varying shades of teal green coming together in rough wavy patterns, all in a pear-shaped stone, were impossible to resist. Highly polished with beautiful banding reminiscent of stormy seas, this ocean wave jasper needed nothing more than a simple, coiled loop bail and oxidised sterling [...]

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Ferngully, a chrysoprase necklace

O, chrysoprase. You're another one of those things whose colour a digital camera usually has problems reproducing. The latest addition to the ANIMA | MUNDI line is the Ferngully necklace featuring a large asymmetrical Australian chrysoprase pendant and oxidised sterling silver components, which always work so well with the bright minty green. The paler feathery [...]

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Dreamtime, an amethyst necklace

This second piece in the ANIMA | MUNDI collection is a delightful play of contrasts: check out the unusual rectangle shape, elongated but with banding going along the short side. And what banding it is - translucent shades from the deepest royal purple to lavender and palest white, arranged by mother nature a distinctive chevron [...]

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Waverider, an amazonite necklace

And so I launched my ANIMA | MUNDI collection with the long Waverider necklace last week, without really having time to blog about the first piece here. Amazonite is really one of my favourite stones to use. It's a variety of microcline (or potassium aluminium silicate for you nerds like me), a feldspar mineral that [...]

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