Holiday shopping time

It’s already mid-way into October – and I think about high time to start thinking about the holiday gifting season! For myself, at least. I love to buy indie-made gifts from outside of Singapore – it saves me from the mad crowds and ridiculous queues, and who doesn’t love receiving something unique? As always, shipping [...]

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Calm before the storm

Hello. Holiday shopping going all right so far? :) I've noticed there have been some late stragglers, so although it is already impossible to have our international orders arrive before Christmas by the usual registered mail means, I've extended the cut-off date for Singapore packages to the 19th, which is this Sunday. I know the [...]

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The most wonderful time of the year

Because I felt a little festive the other day... a combination of my love for reading and for paper goods, these sweet bookmarks are going to be given away with every purchase from any tellurus online outlet [Etsy or Artfire]. I made them from double-sided heavy paper and black satin ribbon. The Red set features [...]

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Holiday packaging 2010

I have so gone off organza that I've been wrapping most of my recent packages with chocolate grosgrain. It's now time for classic black, I think, with midnight green satin. Actually it kind of matches my current banner and Artfire studio. Maybe I'll keep it going for a while...

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