Wrapture separates

Always a staple for the wardrobe, the clean and simple Wrapture solitaire pendants now come in new colours AND are going to be available for purchase separately. What this means: Still more choices! No need to get yet another chain if you already own one or four! Wear one or more pendants and/or charms together! [...]

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Sneak peek: Brassitude

Yes, what I named it. No, this mini collection wasn't really planned. But once I started, it just went on and instead of getting my new site ready, I ended up with all these earrings. Humph. I rather like working with brass though - pure solid brass, not plated lightweight stuff. An alloy of copper [...]

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Sneak peek: anima | mundi

I've been so busy this week that I'm going to have to do a post and run here... This is the first batch of pieces for my new ANIMA | MUNDI collection, which is comprised of big, bold and beautiful statement necklaces that celebrate the Soul of the World, the abundance and grandeur of our [...]

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New luxe earrings preview

Epiphany: I think the gauge of which pieces I really like and feel inspired about vs which ones I'm kind of indifferent to is, quite simply, how easily I'm able to give them names (and I don't mean "girl names" like Eva or Francine). Sometimes a working name will be floating around before the piece [...]

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