Photography: Using reflectors

So you've got the fancy camera, maybe even purchased a macro lens to go with it, and are raring to take photos of jewellery. Living in Singapore, where the majority of the population resides in high-rise apartments with an appalling level of natural light (no thanks to small, boxy floor plans and tiny windows), I [...]

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Props in jewellery photos

By special request, I'm going to talk a bit about how I use props when shooting photos of jewellery :) Please note again: this is not a how-to tutorial but essentially my own personal journey in product photography, whose merit (or lack of) is, of course, 100% subjective. I started out without props of any [...]

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Photoshop fixits

In this second part, I will share a bit about what sort of post-processing happens to my jewellery photos. Two things I need to qualify first: 1) These are product photos - they need to fulfill the prerequisites of being clear and sufficiently lit. They should thus not be over-processed (you know, like art prints [...]

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How I shoot my work

So some of you like the way I take pictures of my jewellery... I thank you :) I am of course not an expert, but I thought I'd run through a bit of my processes, starting with the basics. White balance A lot of frustration I've heard is about not being able to "get the [...]

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Take nicer photos… please

I am sorry if it sounds like I'm on the metaphorical high horse here but I just have to say.... I really wish people would have better shots of products they're trying to sell. Yes, I know (and fervently admire) there are those with fabulous shots, and there is actually quite a wealth of information [...]

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