So I was fiddling around with pearls the other day and wondered why I always seemed to make pearl earrings in white. Apart from the fact that I am fastidious about matching components for earrings, I guess I’d always assumed people preferred the classic colour. Easy to match. Goes with anything. Actually I do have a lot of coloured pearls – it’s just that I’ve either used a lot of them up for bracelets, or I can’t seem to pick out matching shapes/sizes/tones (that are also unblemished, of course). Had some really pretty sage green oval pearls once and have never been able to find similar ones since.

Anyway, here are some dainties – the violetish pink ones are the colour of pink tourmaline, while the coppery ones were born to be with antiqued brass and aqua, I think. Time soon to start scouting around for holiday presents, and handmade gifts do add that little extra touch of soul. Just a helpful suggestion 🙂

These and more are now available exclusively in my Artfire studio – which I re-opened last month and have been in the process of stocking up. More to come soon; off to make dinner!