jewellery care guide

Jewellery care

A solidly-crafted piece forms the foundation for many years of wear, but the way it is used, stored and cared for also has an important part to play. Here are some simple tips that should help extend the lifespan of your jewellery.

gemstone information

Gemstone info

What sort of treatment and processes have gemstones undergone before it reaches you in its final, embellished form? Learn more in this quick guide on gems and semi-precious stones commonly used in jewellery – artisan-made or not.

guide to metals

Guide to metals

Why is there such a disparity between the prices of handmade and mass-market accessories out there? Familiarise yourself with the various types of metals and why you should not just trust your eyes alone when it comes to the shiny stuff.



Find out the modern birthstone for each month, as well as the traditional and mystical equivalents. Birthstone jewellery is not only a popular and thoughtful gift, it takes on special significance when the birthstones of family members are worn.